Roles Within the IMAGINE! Montreal Community

With a dedicated focus on using technology and AI to maximal effect and to eliminate the need for menial and rote jobs, all the positions to be filled within our community will be ones which people will generate much enjoyment from.  Everyone will have a part to play in making our community function optimally.  Positions will be dependent upon the job description, but in general 20-25 hours/week and in exchange for your services you will receive everything necessary for having an enjoyable life within the community (well adorned home, access to a new car, food, clothing, entertainment, access to sporting venues, vacation time traveling...).  Below is an itemization of many of the roles which people may play:

      • Block Captains/Coordinators
      • Community Development Workers
      • Life Coaches (NuVoWay LifeStyle Coaches)
      • Community Gardeners (growing vegetables/flowers...)
      • Lawn Care Workers/Snow Shovellers
      • Artists (Musicians, Painters, Actors...)
      • Artisans (Stained Glass, Mosaics...)
      • House Painters
      • Handy Persons
      • Woodworkers/Cabinet Makers
      • Street/Sidewalk Cleaners
      • Home Cleaners
      • Home Care Workers (for elderly and disabled)
      • Desk Jobs for those with disabilities
      • Home Cooks
      • Seamstresses/Clothes Makers
      • Haircare People (in home)
      • Foot Care People (in home)
      • Nannies
      • Crossing Guards
      • Daycare Personnel (in home)
      • Dog Walkers/Pet Sitters
      • Tutors
      • Personal Trainers
      • Yoga Instructors
      • People with cars to run errands
      • Computer Wizards
      • Aerobics Instructors
      • And many more roles limited only by our imagination

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