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Following the guidelines in Subhendu Das' papers on the development of a Moneyless Economy (MLE), we are setting forth to find an appropriate tract of land within 90 minutes from the centre of Montreal.  We will develop a complete plan for implementation in this area and will be petitioning people from all around the world to come and be the first 'settlers' in this new and exciting community.

If you haven't already, please read Suhendu's papers and website about MLE on this page:  MLE.  As you will learn from reading these very well written and researched papers, a Moneyless Economy represents the sole means by which we will ever have peace on earth.  As such it is of tremendous and primary importance to me and to my sister site - PeaceProject.ca.

An exciting component of our initial MLE 'Global Settlement' is the first G3 Destination Location.  This will feature all necessary shopping and recreation options for all residents in the community as well as for guests of our onsite Hotels - where we will be bringing people from all over the world to demonstrate our system in the interest of having them bring it back to their area of the world for rapid duplication.

We are presently accepting applications from all over the world from people who would like to be the first 'settlers' in our MLE settlement.  Please fill out the attached Application Form and send us a copy of your CV and letter as to why you believe you would be an ideal candidate for this very special opportunity.

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