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As related to all the products necessary to live a great life, there will be only one quality - the best.  There will be no need for multiple brands and everything made will be made to last - no planned obsolescence.  To this end we will introduce our NuVo Brand, which will represent the industry leading design - state of the art - in every product category.  Tesla will make a series of NuVo cars.  Apple will make a NuVo Computer.  LG will make a NuVo TV...  

  • Automotive - All vehicles will be top of the line Teslas.  The vast majority will be autonomous and components of ride-sharing fleets stationed at each corner.  Personal vehicles will be individualized as much as possible.  
  • Electronics - All electronic will be from Apple.  This includes computers, tablets, phones, watches, music devices and other electronic Implements.
  • Sound Systems - Only the best.  Please watch this video.  Best of 2024.
  • Appliances - All appliances will be from Miele.
  • Furniture - All furniture will come from one premium brand - Ethan Allen Home.
  • Clothing - Clothing will be made for individuals by seamstresses/tailors on location.  To accompany this we will have a complete NuVo Brand of LifeStyle Wear - including every essential product category.  The NuVo Brand will represent the best clothing money can buy.
  • Shoes - Shoes will be made for individuals by shoemakers on location.  In addition, there will be a complete NuVo Brand of shoes, the likes and quality of which are not represented on the market today.
  • Sporting Goods - There will be one brand of product - NuVo - for all sports.  These products will be the best quality at all levels.
  • Food and Nutrition - Whatever we cannot grow and produce for ourselves will be obtained through Whole Foods - an Amazon Company.  NuVo will develop a complete nutrtional support program, created by the leading nutritional expert in the world, Anthony Almada.
  • Miscellany - Anything which cannot be obtained from the above sources will be accessed through Amazon.  We will have several Amazon staff as members of our community - sorting and delivering all parcels.

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