10,000 Communities each with 10,000 residents

There are approximately 10,000 cities across this world.  At the very basic level, our plan is to develop IMAGINE! communities down to each of these 10,000 cities, each with a minimum of 10,000 residents within the community.  While this still only represents a small portion of every person on earth, we see it as a great start!  Starting with IMAGINE! Montreal, our plan is to rapidly duplicate our successful model to cities all across the world.  We believe that the acceptability and accessability of this will enable us to reach our goal by 2030 - of having 10,000 communities in place and active.  Are you inspired by our vision?  We'd like to know more about you and to involve you in our growth to your area of the world.  Please connect with us here:  Contact Us.

Reaching 10,000 Imagine! Communities

There are approximately 200 countries on the planet.  At a level of 50 IMAGINE! Communities/Country, we will attain the objective of having 10,000 IMAGINE! Communities across the world.  While many countries do not have the capacity to carry 50 IMAGINE! Communities, there are severla which have a much greater capacity than 50.  The numbers will all equal out. 

An overestimation of cost

At 10,000 residents/IMAGINE! Community and an estimation of a cost of $100,000/resident/year, this brings the cost to $1B for each IMAGINE! Community per year.  Of course the costs of development of all the infrastructure (buildings, roads...) will be greater than this, but these costs will be amortized over time.  Given the cost of owning and maintaining a professional sports team - is this not a much better use of private and even public funds?

Using Latest Technology

Because we are building from the ground-up in all areas we are not subject to using outdated technologies/systems.  At every step in our evolution we plan on using the cleanest, most efficient systems possible. As example, no one will own anything in our communities.  They will live in beautiful homes provided for them.  They will drive the latest electric vehicles, although they may opt not to drive and to be picked up and driven by autonomous fleets stationed at every corner (TaaS).  All energy systems will be clean.  All necessary home implements will be provided through specialized libraries locally (lawnmowers, chainsaws, snowblowers...).  Every home will be filled with great art - on the walls and through their audio/video systems.  There will be a plethora of great media including all the greatest shows and movies from the past, remastered in vivid color and clarity.

Fueling your Passions

Each IMAGINE! Community will have a sprawling G3 Destination Location, featuring the finest in sporting, shopping, dining and entertainment activities.  Please go through the link on the G3 Destination Location in order to see much of what will be included.  In addition, there will be beautiful G3 Hotels which will be free of all charges for guests visiting our location from points all over the world - with the intention of developing their own Imagine! Community in their area/city.

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